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You Can Expect 34 New Hallmark Christmas Movies This Holiday Season [LIST]

There’s a ton of new Hallmark movies coming at you this holiday season.

NOW 100.5–10/20/2017

Wedding Crashing Dog Gets A Happy Ending [ADORABLE PICS]

I hope this happens to me on my wedding day. What a sweet story and pictures.

NOW 100.5–10/19/2017

Ellen DeGeneres Buys Beach House For $18.6 Million [PICS]

This house is unreal. I wish I could just live in it for a day…with Ellen in it of course.

NOW 100.5–10/19/2017

Justin Timberlake Returning For NBC ‘Trolls Holidays’ [VIDEO]

Branch and Poppy coming to your TV this holiday season!

NOW 100.5–10/18/2017

Katy Perry Changes A Fan’s Life During Meet And Greet [VIDEO]

Katy Perry changed the life of this aspiring designer at her meet and greet Monday night.

NOW 100.5–10/18/2017

Mandalay Bay Security Guard Breaks Silence On ‘The Ellen Show’ [VIDEO]

This security guard at Mandalay Bay was struck by rapid fire but saved others from the same fate.

NOW 100.5–10/18/2017

Sacramento Officials Warn Your Tap Water Could Be Tainted

If you’re currently living in northern Sacramento, you may want to avoid tap water…

NOW 100.5–10/18/2017

Man Takes His Wife On A Bread Themed Honeymoon

“No babe, we aren’t going to Fiji, we are going to eat a ton of bread in San Francisco.”

NOW 100.5–10/17/2017

Get A $3 ‘Boorito’ At Chipotle On Halloween

This is like trick-or-treating for adults.

NOW 100.5–10/17/2017

Strangers Pays For Items A Stay At Home Mom Of 4 Was Going To Put Back [PIC]

Crazy how a stranger in Target can completely make your day.

NOW 100.5–10/16/2017

Pink Admits She Didn’t Have Sex With Her Husband For A Year

Pink did an interview and got very deep about her marriage to Carey Hart in a way that makes so much sense and probably relates to a lot of people in marriages.

NOW 100.5–10/16/2017

California Just Became The First State To Require Pet Stores To Only Sell Rescue Animals [PICS]

This is huge news for California! Here are the details and some Twitter reactions!

NOW 100.5–10/16/2017

Oreo Beer Exists [PIC]

This looks like the most amazing thing I’d ever taste. The ingrediants, the presentation, it’s beautiful.

NOW 100.5–10/12/2017

Arby’s Rolls Out Venison Sandwich Nationwide, Testing Elk Sandwich

Arby’s is doing something other fast food chains are not.

NOW 100.5–10/12/2017

Man Helps Save Girl Who Was Kidnapped And Gives Her The Reward [PIC]

This man is a hero in so many ways.

NOW 100.5–10/11/2017

She’s Now Engaged To A Wedding Date She Met On Twitter [PIC]

I love a good love story with a happy ending.

NOW 100.5–10/11/2017

How Would You Feel About A Chipotle Style Pasta Joint?

I would go to this type of restaurant every single day.

NOW 100.5–10/10/2017

IKEA Launched A Pet Furniture Collection [PICS]

You mean to tell me I can go shopping at IKEA for my cat? SOLD.

NOW 100.5–10/10/2017

These Comfort Dogs Traveled To Las Vegas To Help Survivors Heal [PICS]

Just looking at pictures of these dogs is comforting, I’m sure they did wonders in Las Vegas.

NOW 100.5–10/09/2017

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