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Katy Perry Gives Out Hugs And Love To Fans In The Wake Of Manchester Bombing [VIDEO]

“Will you please tell someone that you love them today” – Katy Perry

NOW 100.5–1 hour ago

Woman Wins $100,000 After Being Burned By Starbucks Coffee

I’m always scared of getting burned by hot coffee because of all the stories like this one. I stick to iced coffee 99% of the time.

NOW 100.5–23 hours ago

James Cameron Being Sued Over ‘Titanic’ Storyline

This man is claiming Jack Dawsons character was stolen and used as the main character in Cameron’s “Titanic”.

NOW 100.5–24 hours ago

Wife Writes Husband Of 50 Years A Book To Help Him Remember Through His Alzheimer’s

This is like a real life version of “The Notebook”

NOW 100.5–05/19/2017

Matthew Perry Revealed Which ‘Friends’ Storyline He Nixed [VIDEO]

Matthew Perry didn’t want this storyline to happen so he did something about it.

NOW 100.5–05/19/2017

Win Half A Million Dollars For Creating A New Oreo Flavor

You think you have a great idea for an Oreo flavor? Submit it and maybe you can win half a million!

NOW 100.5–05/18/2017

The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay Is Engaged

They are breaking the rules with Rachel’s season with this big announcement.

NOW 100.5–05/18/2017

Car Plows Onto Sidewalk In Times Square, Multiple Injuries One Dead [VIDEO]

Wow, I am very curious to learn more about why this happened as the story develops. Scary.

NOW 100.5–05/18/2017

There’s A New Dating App That Only Let’s You Match With One Person [PICS]

That’s one way to get girls.

NOW 100.5–05/17/2017

‘The Bachelor’ Is Getting A Spinoff And The Plot Might Sound Familiar

This is about to be good, oh so good.

NOW 100.5–05/17/2017

McDonald’s Employee Celebrates 25 Years Without A Sick Day

25 years with no sick days. What’s the longest you’ve gone without a sick day?

NOW 100.5–05/16/2017

By 2020 You Won’t Be Able To Use Your California ID To Fly

Get ready for the changes to come in 2020 when it comes to traveling.

NOW 100.5–05/16/2017

Will Ferrell And Amy Poehler Change A Young Man’s Life On Ellen [VIDEO]

This was an amazing surprise for someone very deserving.

NOW 100.5–05/15/2017

Another ‘Bachelor’ Fail, Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Split

I am not surprised by this at all. After watching their show on Freeform, I felt like they were total opposites.

NOW 100.5–05/15/2017

Man Set Up Strip Club On His Neighbors Front Porch [VIDEO[

This might be the craziest story I have ever read.

NOW 100.5–05/15/2017

Oxygen Announced Plans To Air 8 True Crime Shows, One Hosted By Ice T

I don’t know if it’s just my group of friends and I but true crime shows, podcasts, documentaries have been all the rage this year. I am obsessed with hearing about new ones that are […]

NOW 100.5–05/12/2017

Woman With Down Syndrome First To Compete In Miss Minnesota USA

I love what she had to say about deciding to compete. I love everything about this.

NOW 100.5–05/12/2017

Prosecco Popsicles Are Here [PICS]

I am about to stock my freezer with every flavor. Prosecco and mimosa flavors? Come to mama.

NOW 100.5–05/11/2017

Amy Schumer And Goldie Hawn On Ellen [VIDEO]

I was cracking up watching this and then out of nowhere, I started crying. This interview will surprise you.

NOW 100.5–05/11/2017

This Is American Greetings Commercial Is For Those Who Are Remembering Their Mothers This Mother’s Day [VIDEO]

This commercial will make you want to save every greeting card you ever get. Great message for those of you without a mother this Mother’s Day.

NOW 100.5–05/10/2017

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