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Giants Win the Series!!!

All of NorCal is celebrating a Giants win in the Series.  Hear us recap the victory, and listen to a very…different rendition of “God Bless America” performed during the game. It featured some, shall we [...]

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Spousal Arousal 10/30/14

Every Thursday at 7:25AM we all listen in as a Dude or Dudette attempts to coax their significant other to blow off their busy workday and meet them for a nooner! If successful in :60 [...]

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California To Poison Organic Crops

So the virtual brain trust down the street from me in the offices of the California Department of Food and Agriculture has decided that it’s okay to spray pesticides known to cause cancer anywhere and [...]

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Group Therapy 10/29/30

Every Wednesday we attempt to help a listener with a struggle they are going through, actually we turn to you for advice as well…it’s Group Therapy!

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Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Calls Himself ‘The Baby Whisperer’

That’s a bold statement Ashton!  Mr. Kutcher was on with Conan O’Brien last night, when he admitted that he believes he’s a baby whisperer: “I have a personal ‘I want to be a hero’ ego [...]

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November 5th To Be Named “Britney Day” In Las Vegas

People Magazine reports that not only is Britney Spears getting her very own day she’s also getting a key to the Las Vegas Strip!  Look at Ms. Spears owning Vegas like a boss!!!!  Are you [...]

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Jose Canseco Shot Himself!

YIKES!!!!!  He’s going to live but I can’t imagine that blowing your finger off feels real good.  TMZ reports that former Major Leaguer, Jose Canseco was cleaning his gun when the accident happened.  He didn’t [...]

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Celebrity Voices NOT Impersonated 10/28/14

Every Tuesday at 7:25AM a celebrity calls an unsuspecting Now 100.5 listener, today it was Tom Hanks calling a book store as his character “Joe Fox” from You’ve Got Mail!

NOW 100.5–10/28/2014

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Watch The San Francisco Giants Dance Around To Meghan Trainor! LOVE

Do you have World Series fever!?!?  The Giants are one win away from taking the title of WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!  A lot of my friends are HUGE Giants fans so I’ve been invested through association.  [...]

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State of California Proposes Poisoning Your Food

This just in from “Sacramento, CA —The California Department of Food and Agriculture has published a draft of an environmental plan giving the agency authority to spray toxic pesticides anywhere in California, at any [...]

NOW 100.5–10/28/2014

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Beyonce Is Launching New Active Wear Line

Beyonce always has a new trick up her sleave.  If she’s not dropping secret albums on us she’s getting ready to launch a new fashionable active wear line.  LOVE IT!!!!  She’s teaming up with Topshop [...]

NOW 100.5–10/27/2014

Music Minute with Nina

Nina’s Music Minute

I’ve started a new segment that airs Saturday mornings on Good Day Sacramento!  It’s a recap of the hottest stories in music from the week.  If you missed it or care to see it here [...]

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Drunk Guy Mistakes Mindy Kaling For Nobel Peace Prize Winner

The best is Mindy’s reaction in this case of mistaken identity.  Mindy Kaling, of course best known for her hilarity on “The Office” and on her own show, “The Mindy Project”, was out at a [...]

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In this photo provided by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) 15 May in Atlanta, GA, a micro biologist works in a maximum containment suit on an unknown virus in a Bio-level 4 lab. The CDC will use this facility to process specimens of the Ebola virus. AFP PHOTO (Photo by CDC/AFP/Getty Images)

Dr. Pettis on Ebola in NYC

With this doctor coming down with Ebola in NYC after riding the subway, bowling in Brooklyn, and who knows what else, I’m calling for a MANDATORY 21-day quarantine for returning health workers from endemic zones. [...]

NOW 100.5–10/24/2014

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Watch’a Doing at the Courthouse? 10/24/14

Every Friday at 7:25 a.m., intern Sarah heads to the courthouse…Why were you there?!!!

NOW 100.5–10/24/2014

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Lack Of Passion Calls For Re-Shoots On Set Of ’50 Shades Of Grey’

What!?!?!  We all have such high hopes for this movie, so “lack of passion” just isn’t going to fly.  According to Us Weekly, sources are starting to whisper that they’re getting nervous about the movie, [...]

NOW 100.5–10/24/2014

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TLC Cancels ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’

Well, I guess that’s the end of our “WTF-Did-Honey-Boo-Boo-Say?” game AND the end of the show.  Allegations that Mama June has been dating a child molester have been running rampant, and that’s something TLC just [...]

NOW 100.5–10/24/2014

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Aaron Paul Is Trying To Save The ‘Breaking Bad’ Dolls

So you may have heard that Toys ‘R’ Us  was selling Breaking Bad figurines complete with a backpack of meth and hazmat suits, Gossip Cop reports.  Parents were enraged by the idea of their kids [...]

NOW 100.5–10/24/2014

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She Hates Chinatown! TourGuide’s Racial Rant

She gives tours of ChinaTown in San Francisco, but listen to her go off on Chinese people.  Our official position is we love all people, just in case you want be offended after listening below…

NOW 100.5–10/23/2014


Mr. Incredible Gets Into Fight With Batgirl?

Have you ever been to the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd?  Even if you haven’t, chances are you’re familiar with all the superheroes and other characters that hang out there for your viewing pleasure.  I [...]

NOW 100.5–10/23/2014


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