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Nina’s Coachella Diaries

Seems like the thing to do this year is bash everything about the kinds of people that attend Coachella.  Excuse me, did you not see the line up?  Fashion is always open to interpretation so [...]

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She’s Body Concious to an Obsession!

Everybody’s got an opinion there like $^%()@$!.  This is your chance to offer a body-obsessed, crash dieting, unhealthy mother advice!

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Lupita Nyong’o Named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful

Lupita Nyong’o has had a huge year!!!  The Oscar Winning “12 Years A Slave” star was just named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful and it also happens to be their 25th anniversary issue.  E-Online reports that [...]

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Arnold Pranks a Travel Agent

Former Sacramento resident and California Governator calls an unsuspecting listener who runs a travel agency. More Stories You May Like:

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Check Out Jenna Dewan-Tatum Posing Nude For Allure Magazine

I feel like I need a section just dedicated to “nude news.”  Every couple of days somebody else is naked — it’s getting hard to keep up!  This time we’re talking about Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  She [...]

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Mondays with Mom — Nina’s Mommy

Every Monday one of our mothers calls the show. Whether it’s to discuss current events, embarrass, or scold, it’s always entertaining. This morning we had to hunt down Nina…still somewhere in the desert after a [...]


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Whatcha Doin At The Courthouse? 4-18-14

Every Friday morning at 7:25, Intern Sarah is out at the courthouse!  What kind of people did she run into this time? LISTEN: More Stories You May Like:

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Lorde Met Her Inspiration For ‘Royals’

Did you know that Lorde’s inspiration for her song “Royals” was former Kansas City Royals third baseman, George Brett?  As reported by, she did an interview with VH1 last year where she said the [...]

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Train to Land Park?

So the California State Parks Department owns the land and tracks that run from Old Sac into Land Park, South Land park and beyond. For years the land and rails have sat unused, and have [...]

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Spousal Arousal: 4-17-14

Do you think you can convince your significant other to come home for a nooner in 60 seconds or less?  If the answer is yes, then let us know you want to be a contestant [...]

NOW 100.5–04/17/2014

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More Proof That Selfies Can Be Dangerous

We’ve heard numerous stories and studies claiming that selfies are dangerous.  They make us crazy, and if you’re too busy focusing on what angle makes you look better, you can get kicked in the head!  [...]

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Worst Tattoo Ever

Why? Again, WHY?!!! Unless her grandaddy was John Deere the first…but even if that were the case, why would you want a tramp stamp of your grandpa? Does she see herself as a tractor? Usually [...]

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This Is So True!!!! The Difference Between How Guys/Girls Drink Alone

I just laughed my butt off!  This is so true and all too familiar.  What woman doesn’t have chocolate and a bottle of wine accessible at all times?  Or at least know how long it [...]

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38-year-Old Virgin Gets Advice From Brothel Owner

Today on Todd & Nina’s Group Therapy listeners were attempting to help “Andre” (name changed to protect the innocent), who is a 38-year-old virgin suffering from extremely low self-esteem. We had no idea that Dennis [...]


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Would You Do Your Laundry In A Bar?

What if there was a way for you to clean your underwear, enjoy a few cocktails and eat grilled cheese all at the same time?  Sounds like the perfect Friday night for me these days. [...]

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Or ‘Leolardo DiFlabrio’

From where Leo’s standing, I don’t think he cares what we call him. He’s rich, has a supermodel girlfriend and is vacationing on the beach. Who cares if he lets himself get a little fat and [...]

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A Smart A**Bieber Pranks A Listener

Today on Celebrity Voices NOT Impersonated (every Tuesday @7:25) we took audio from Justin Beiber’s now infamous deposition where he was a complete smart ass to the LA District Attorney. Why don’t these people just [...]


Pharrell Williams

You Will Get Emotional: Watch Pharrell Williams Cry With Oprah

Pharrell’s “Happy” is still the number one song in the country.  His song has reached people all around the world and Pharrell believes the song has become bigger than him and bigger than he ever [...]

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Happy Tax Day! Check Out These Creative And Legal Write Offs

Are you waiting until the very last minute to get your taxes done? OR have you already spent your return on something pretty? I paid off a credit card and I’m feeling really good about it. I’m [...]

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Todd Went Wee Wee In His Dad’s….

…blank. I was only three, okay!! This morning on “Mondays with Mom” (every Monday 7:55 a.m.) my mom was asked what was one of the worst things I did as a child. Much to my [...]

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