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What Men Really Want In A Girlfriend

Is this what men really want?  AskMen put this list together for us.  Bottom line—>  Love your dude and let him be a man.  Whatcha think? Check out the list here to find out! More [...]

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Loser Line

Mondays mean voice mails from creeper dudes who thought they were getting a hot girls number…it’s really ours! Listen to these guys play the fool below.

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Walmart Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt! What’s in it?

An Ohio mom was alarmed upon discovering that her son’s Walmart Great Value sandwich bar was still mostly intact after being left on the patio for 12 hours on an 80-degree day, according to WCPO. [...]

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Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Bloopers

So funny!!!  I think bloopers are even funnier when it takes place in a different time and all the characters are supposed to be so serious. Enjoy,

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Watch’a Doin’ at the Courthouse?

Every Friday at 7:25AM intern Sarah heads to the courthouse…why were you there?!!!

NOW 100.5–07/25/2014

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Recipe Of The Day: Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots In a Strawberry

I never need a reason to party but a little extra motivation to throw my own always helps.  I don’t do it often because not to brag or anything BUT Nina parties are epic.  Anyway, [...]

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Cynthia Nixon Finds Out She’s Related To An Axe Murderer!

Whoa.  That’s some pretty heavy news.  What would you do if you found out something like that?  It’s sick and fascinating.  There’s a show on TLC called, “Who Do You Think You Are?”  It’s a [...]

NOW 100.5–07/25/2014

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Could You be Dominated ’50 Shades’ Style?

Listen to Nina’s reaction to the 50 Shades trailer that dropped today: More Stories You May Like:

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Spousal Arousal

Every Thursday at 7:25AM we all listen in as a Dude or Dudette attempts to coax their significant other to blow off their busy workday and meet them for a nooner! If successful in :60 [...]

NOW 100.5–07/24/2014

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Adele’s One Year Old Son Wins Lawsuit

Adele’s baby boy isn’t letting the world take advantage him, not even for a second!  Little Angelo James Konecki is just 1 year old and is sticking it to the paparazzi.  The Guardian reports that [...]

NOW 100.5–07/24/2014

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Watch ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Exclusive Trailer!

I don’t think this needs any introduction.  I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE IN FEBRUARY!!!!!!

NOW 100.5–07/24/2014

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Snoop Smokes Weed…In The WHITEHOUSE!!

Hear Snoop admit to blazing at the Obamas’ and hear us admit to places we have as well! More Stories You May Like:

NOW 100.5–07/23/2014

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Glee Star Naya Rivera Married!

Glee star Naya Rivera, who plays Santana on the show, was recently engaged to Big Sean but that’s not who she married.   They just broke up 3 months ago!!!!  I guess when a girl [...]

NOW 100.5–07/23/2014


Group Therapy

Every Wednesday we attempt to help a listener with a struggle they are going through, actually we turn to you for advice as well…it’s Group Therapy!

NOW 100.5–07/23/2014

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Shia LaBeouf’s Cure For Addiction Is Brad Pitt

I’ve joked about Shia LaBeouf being Shia LaDouche because his behavior has been terrible!  Turns out there’s a reason behind it.   TMZ reports that Shia admits to having a drinking problem and is in outpatient [...]

NOW 100.5–07/23/2014

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Todd & Nina’s LOSER Line

Don’t want to give an overly persistent, perhaps annoying guy your number? But he just won’t go away? Give him ours then, and we’ll play back all the creeper’s voicemails! Listen and laugh below. More [...]

NOW 100.5–07/22/2014


Celebrity Voices NOT Impersonated

Every Tuesday at 7:25AM a celebrity calls an unsuspecting Now 100.5 listener, this morning it was the infamously racist celebrity chef…Paula Dean calling a diner.

NOW 100.5–07/22/2014

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Spies Are Trading Your Nudie Photos Like Baseball Cards

NSA whistle blower, Edward Snowden, recently spoke about encouraging companies to encrypt EVERYTHING!  The Guardian reports that Edward further proved his point by revealing that spies are intercepting all our nudie photos and trading them [...]

NOW 100.5–07/22/2014

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Kim And Kanye Paid $500,000 For A Baby Double

Allegedly, Kim and Kanye held a casting in LA for baby North look-a-likes and Nanny look-a-likes.  If they found nanny twins that would be the jackpot! Mirror has reported that the couple wants to protect [...]

NOW 100.5–07/22/2014

Nina's mom

Momday with Mom…Girlfight!

Every Monday at 7:25 a.m. we talk to one of our moms. Today Nina & her mom had a very uncomfortable conversation…that awkward moment, when your mom suggests a wedding shower for your sister-in-law on [...]

NOW 100.5–07/21/2014