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Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos Reacts to Nina asking about Matt Lauers Junk!

So we spoke to the lovely and super talented Maria Menounos this morning, promoting her special “Untold” tonight at 8PM on E!  During the chat Nina asked if she’d ever noticed Matt Lauers “junk” bulge [...]

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Spousal Arousal 11/20/14

Every Thursday at 7:25AM we all listen in as a Dude or Dudette attempts to coax their significant other to blow off their busy workday and meet them for a nooner! If successful in :60 [...]

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(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Weed Smoking Grandmas

So 3 Grandma’s in Washington State were given weed for the first time ever in their lives, now that it’s legal.  No Grandmas were harmed in the making of this video, but a few Doritos [...]

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Is Rihanna Dropping A Secret Album On Us?

Are we getting a secret album from Rihanna?  Signs are pointing to maybe??? Rihanna’s last album, “Unapologetic“, was released 2 years ago so it’s about time Rihanna we miss you!!!! It’s her 8th album which [...]

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Want To Be People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

We touched on this story a little bit yesterday when the news broke that Chris Hemsworth is this years Sexiest Man Alive.  Every year, without fail, there are women all over asking why on earth [...]

NOW 100.5–7 hours ago


Who Will Be Barbara Walters Most Fascinating Person Of 2014?

Who do you think deserves the title?  Well, we have to watch the special Dec. 14th to find out.  We do know that Barbara Walters has already sat down with Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Neil [...]

NOW 100.5–8 hours ago

(Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

What’s Really in your Pumpkin Spice latte?

So Starbucks doesn’t list the ingredients to that beverage you enjoy oh so much, kinda irresponsible eh? If you knew something contained ammonia would you drink it? Listen below…and to learn more visit

NOW 100.5–11/19/2014


Group Therapy 11-19-14

Every Wednesday we attempt to help a listener with a struggle they are going through, actually we turn to you for advice as well…it’s Group Therapy!

NOW 100.5–11/19/2014

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Watch The Trailer For The New Live Action “Cinderella”!

Who doesn’t love Disney Movies?  Especially the classics like “Cinderella”?  The new live action trailer was dropped on us TODAY and it gave me goosebumps.  Cate Blanchett is playing the evil stepmother and Helena Bonham [...]

NOW 100.5–11/19/2014

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

People Magazine Names Sexiest Man Alive 2014!

The holidays are around the corner, magazines with sexy men on the cover are everywhere, and we get to pull out cozy sweaters and socks.  Ahhhhh I really do love this time of year. Last [...]

NOW 100.5–11/19/2014


This Breakup Text Went Viral! #3 Is The Best

One guy broke up with his girl over text message and if that wasn’t bad enough it was a list!  He gave her 6 reasons why their relationship was over.  #3 is my favorite! See [...]

NOW 100.5–11/19/2014

Photo by Bruce Weaver / Getty Images

Booty Eclipse

NASA can land a probe on a comet cruising at thousands of miles per hour, but all we in the media talk about is Kim K’s booty. As a result, NASA is a launching another [...]

NOW 100.5–11/18/2014


Celebrity Voices Not Impersonated

Every Tuesday at 7:25AM a celebrity calls an unsuspecting Now 100.5 listener, today it was the Guy from the Viral Video “I’m Not Go No more” calling the make-up counter at Macy’s!!

NOW 100.5–11/18/2014

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Guess Who’s Performing At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

Taylor Swift!  Of course she is because she is everywhere right now.  Her bestie, Ed Sheeran, will also take the stage along with Ariana Grande and Hozier.  Will you be watching December 9th on CBS?  [...]

NOW 100.5–11/18/2014


“I’m Not Gay No More…..” Watch The Video Of The Man That’s Been “Delivered”

This video has gone viral and is pretty funny.  This man believes he’s not “gay no more” and that he’s been “delivered” at church.  We know it doesn’t work that way but he’s so emotional [...]

NOW 100.5–11/18/2014

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Jaden And Willow Smith’s Interview Will Make Your Head Hurt

Jaden (16) and Willow (14) Smith, the children of Will and Jada Smith, gave their first joint interview together for T Magazine, and it will make your head hurt.  They discussed quantum physics, time, energy, [...]

NOW 100.5–11/18/2014

Movember…no Al Quaeda Beards please!

I get the whole Movember thing, raise awareness for testicular cancer, etc. So go ahead and sport some extra whiskers, make your donations, self examine, do all that…but for the love of God man, don’t [...]

NOW 100.5–11/17/2014


Loser Liner 11/17/14

Mondays mean voicemails from creeper Dudes who thought they were getting a hot girls number…it’s really ours! Listen to these guys play the fool…

NOW 100.5–11/17/2014


Kristen Stewart Nip Slip!

Oopsie.  Her wardrobe malfunction happened on Friday at the Hollywood Film Awards while she was presenting an award to Julianne Moore.  The kicker?  Her ex, Robert Pattinson was in the audience!  That’s the worst.  Embarrassing [...]

NOW 100.5–11/17/2014

AFP/Getty Images

How Many “Fast & Furious” Movies Will There Be?

“Fast & Furious 7″ is coming out in April with Paul Walker and the new technology that allowed his brothers to step in and complete the work that he started.  I miss Paul Walker…(Sigh).  Anyway, [...]

NOW 100.5–11/17/2014


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