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Todd as Nina…Nina as Todd

We were told as a team-building exercise to write our bio’s as the opposite person.  I didn’t think Nina would actually say anything nice…oops!  

NOW 100.5–08/29/2014

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Britney Spears Is Back To The Single Life

Awww man, she’s been doing so great, so I really hope this breakup won’t stir things up for her again.  Allegedly, her boyfriend David Lucado cheated on her.  TMZ reports that there is video proof [...]

NOW 100.5–08/29/2014

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Watch’a Doing at the Courthouse?

Every Friday at 7:25AM intern Sarah heads to the courthouse…why were you there?!!!

NOW 100.5–08/29/2014

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Fall In Love With The 6 yr Old That Is “Exasperated” By New Sibling (VIRAL VIDEO)

This is so funny!!!  I love that this 6 year old knows how to properly use the word “exasperating”.  Meet Tre and watch his reaction to his mother’s news that he’s going to have a [...]

NOW 100.5–08/29/2014

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15 Things That Are Better Then Sex

If someone were to ask you to name one thing better then sex, what would you say?  After reviewing this list I would say that most of these things are pretty fantastic but I’m not [...]

NOW 100.5–08/29/2014

Missing Teens Found Alive In Cleveland Home

Crazy, loud Neighbor

What do you do with a neighbor who insists on repeatedly making noise and disturbing your sleep? She even screams for her cat every morning outside YOUR bedroom window!

NOW 100.5–08/28/2014


Spousal Arousal

Every Thursday at 7:25AM we all listen in as a Dude or Dudette attempts to coax their significant other to blow off their busy workday and meet them for a nooner! If successful in :60 [...]

NOW 100.5–08/28/2014


Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat…Wait What?!?

This is breaking news leaving jaws drops all around the world.  Hello Kitty is NOT a cat.  I repeat, Hello Kitty is NOT a cat.  She sure looks like a cat to me. Perez Hilton [...]

NOW 100.5–08/28/2014

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Brad And Angelina Got Married!

Finally!!!  The Associated Press is reporting that Brad and Angelina tied the knot on Saturday in France.  It was a private ceremony with just close friends and family in attendance.  Details are just starting to [...]

NOW 100.5–08/28/2014

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‘Full House’ is Coming Back to TV?

Could it be? Apparently all of the original cast has agreed, according to Huffington Post, except for Mary Kate & Ashley. Listen below for details and OUR take on it. More Stories You May Like:

NOW 100.5–08/27/2014

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The Evolution Of Victoria’s Secret

Did you know that Victoria’s Secret was established in 1977 by a man named Roy Raymond who wanted a place to shop for his wife without feeling like a perv?  I didn’t know that either [...]

NOW 100.5–08/27/2014

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French Montana Paid By E! To Date Khloe Kardashian

This is just awful!  I don’t watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and I’m not a huge fan of all the ridiculous attention they get but I like Khloe.  She’s funny, keeps it real and [...]

NOW 100.5–08/27/2014

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El Presidente: Who’s louder, drunk Americans or Canadians?

The Mexican President was in Sacramento today speaking to the California State Assembly.  We opened it up for listeners to ask Enrique Pena Nieto questions on their minds. For example, “is there an English version [...]

NOW 100.5–08/26/2014


Celebrity Voices NOT Impersonated

Every Tuesday at 7:25AM a celebrity calls an unsuspecting Now 100.5 listener, this morning it was Alec Baldwin berating a customer service rep who flipped it back on him…  

NOW 100.5–08/26/2014

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Matt Damon Does Ice Bucket Challenge With Toilet Water

Matt Damon’s dear friends, Jimmy Fallon and Ben Affleck, challenged him to the ALS ice bucket challenge but he was conflicted.  Matt decided to do the challenge with toilet water because he didn’t want to [...]

NOW 100.5–08/26/2014

ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

Food At The Emmys

Do you ever wonder what the stars eat at Award shows?  This was the menu from last night’s Emmy Awards show.  I have one question….what is witches finger? HERE

NOW 100.5–08/26/2014

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Big Night For “Breaking Bad” & “Modern Family” #Emmys

Did you watch the Emmy’s last night?  There was a moving tribute to Robin Williams by his dear friend Billy Crystal that had everyone to tears.  HERE “Breaking Bad” may be over but the awards [...]

NOW 100.5–08/26/2014

Pascal Le Segretain/Gettty Images

Did our talk with Nick Cannon Cause the Break-up?

So Mariah says Nick was “spilling too much” during interviews, even things she didn’t know about him, and blames his over-sharing on their split. We pulled some of our conversation with Nick from last October [...]

NOW 100.5–08/25/2014

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Pre-Earthquake Craziness!

So a dude confronts me and threatens to “knock me out” inside Lenscrafters in Arden Friday, another woman mimics Nina while eating dinner and makes fun of her club clothes and another guys almost crashes [...]

NOW 100.5–08/25/2014

Mondays with Mom

Monday with Mom

Every Monday at 6:10AM we talk to one of our Mom’s. Today Todd talks iPad’s with his Mom and how you can win one!



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