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Rugrat Theater 02-08-16

We’re changing the name of this (not really) to “Stump Erica” instead of “Rugrat Theater.” It’s become comedy in itself at how wrong she constantly is for this bit. Off the air, she said “Is […]

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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Sentence Extended!

How will they make this work?  Piper was only sentenced to a year in prison but now it appears that the sentence could be extended!  Netflix has renewed “Orange Is The New Black” for three […]

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Employees Trash California Burger King

The employees of the Burger King in Morro Bay trashed the restaurant after getting a phone call.

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Rene Angelil, Celine Dion (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

What Silly Thing Made You Cry?

Celine Dion has had a tough 2016 with the death of her husband, Rene Angelil, and her brother just a week after.  But during a memorial service for Rene in Las Vegas there was a […]

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Toddler Wearing GoPro Plays Hide And Seek

These parents are awesome, what a great idea.

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This Man Went From Homeless To Hero!

What an amazing story!!

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IRS E-File System Is Broken

The system that supports filing your taxes electronically has failed.

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Fans Of Big Ang Flock To Go Fund Me!

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola star of “Mob Wives” and other reality show ventures has been battling health issues since she was diagnosed with a lemon-sized tumor in her throat last March.  Now she has been […]

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Facebook Home Page

Facebook Friends Not Real?

Does your Facebook friends mean they’re your ‘real’ friends?!

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Spousal Arousal 02-04-16

Denise is at home “cleaning,” and decided she wants some company there to “clean” with her, and her husband Clay wasn’t really sure what was happening at first. Was Denise able to get Clay home […]

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Group Therapy – Valentines For The Class 02-03-16

We received this email: “My daughter has a project in school where they get to send Valentine’s Day cards to each other. It’s really cute. I told her that she has to send them to […]

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So You Think Your Kid Can Dance? Make Them A Star!

It seems as though all of the networks have gone into throw in the towel or revamp mode on their reality show competitions.  FOX has chosen to renew “So You Think You Can Dance” for […]

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The NFL Goes Adorable With ‘Super Bowl Babies Choir’

This is just about the most adorable thing we’ve seen from the NFL.  Lets face it they had some “softening up” to do.  But the idea to get people, born 9 months after the Super […]

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Snowboarding One Year Old

Her name is Sloan, and she’s actually 14 months old. Her parents say they put her on the board basically as soon as she could walk.

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Mother Hears Son’s Heart Beat In 4-Year-Old Girl!

This is such an amazing story and these two mothers hope that it inspires more organ donations. Back in 2013, 7-month-old Lukas Clark died suddenly and thanks to the amazing decision his mother Heather made to […]

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How To Spot IRS Scams

It’s tax season, and that always brings a new wave of scams that try to get your information and money. Todd got a call on his cell phone from a Washington DC number, and the […]

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Celebrity Voices NOT Impersonated

ernie Sanders needs marketing help with his campaign, and he also wants to unsubscribe from those pesky email marketing lists.

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The Tweet That Got Gilmore Fan Girls Excited!

Lauren Graham took to twitter to announce that Netflix has confirmed the revival of “Gilmore Girls.”

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25 Celebrities Who Lean Right (Not Left)

We all know that Hollywood stars tend to lean left politically, but here are 25 stars who actually lean to the right.

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Rugrat Theater 02-01-16

4-year-old Rosie stumps Erica once again, and Erica even watched this movie this weekend! She even made a joke about it being used for Rugrat Theater, and boom, there it is.

NOW 100.5–02/01/2016

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