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Unnecessary Censorship 11-25-15

We pulled a Turkey Prep video, since it’s Thanksgiving and all, to help you decide how to prep your bird tomorrow. The wonderful Giada De Laurentiis from the Food Network has a nice how-to prep […]

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Spousal Arousal 11-25-15

Todd thought it would be nice to go back in the archives and pull this out (no pun intended) as a replay of a classic – and one of his favorites. What big thing does […]

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Turkey Song 2015

It’s “Almost Adam Sandler” with an updated version of the Turkey Song for 2015, with some current events and news from this year.

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The Best Way To Clear Leaves

Dad’s a genius. What better way to clear leaves than by using a leaf blower? Even better, having your kid do it. Better still, having your kid do it, by strapping the leaf blower to […]

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A Couple’s Wedding Videographer Was Their Dog

Yep you read that correctly, a couple who got married earlier this month used their dog as the videographer. They got an action camera, a harness for their dog, and on the day of the […]

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Todd Does The Dirty 11-24-15

It’s a Charlie Sheen Dirty report today. A video has been leaked that shows Charlie performing a sexual act on another man? The video was part of another lawsuit and was ordered destroyed years ago, […]

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New Orleans Murder Attempt Miracle

A Med School student witnessed a man dragging a woman down a New Orleans street, and pulled over to see what was up, since something was obviously wrong with the situation. The man was obviously […]

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Todd On The Dirty – 11-23-15

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are married, and a stalker keeps calling Milla Jovovich’s mother, and even threatened to bomb her home! Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello had their wedding in Palm Beach, FL, last […]

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Ever Had Hiccups At The Wrong Time?

This poor 7-year-old. He was all set to sing the Australian National Anthem at a baseball game, but got a bad case of the hiccups. Despite that, he continues on like nothing even happened. At […]

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Rugrat Theater 11-23-15

4-year-old Rosie is seriously making this difficult with her movie choices. This week, she broke out the, as Todd says, the “old curmudgeon” category. It was good, and stumped quite a few people.

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Little Girl Has Best Reaction To Seeing Santa

This little girl (17 mos.) has the cutest reaction ever to seeing Santa Claus for the first time. She cheerfully squeals and throws her arms in the air in glee. Absolutely adorable! This got Producer […]

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Male Enhancement Doctor Interview

Women have been getting enhancement surgeries for years, everything from foot re-shaping to brow lifts, and all in-between. Men have the option for some of the same things, but obvious differences in anatomy call for […]

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A Sacramento Courthouse.

Courthouse 11-20-15

Sarah hit the Courthouse steps once more to ask the cherished question, “Whatcha Doin’ at the Courthouse?” Entertainment ensued.

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Thanksgiving Costs 2015 Vs. Last Year

As we all know, the price of goods changes from year to year. This year, some common food items for Thanksgiving were researched, and while some items are actually cheaper this year, like Milk being […]

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‘The Soup’ Will No Longer Be Served!

It’s the end of an era. After 22 seasons, E! is wrapping up “The Soup,” formerly known as “Talk Soup,” according to Entertainment Weekly.  Now where will we get our pop culture analysis??  It’s hard to […]

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Big Bang Theory

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Gets Sexy!

This has been a long time coming for fans of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Amy will finally consummate their relationship after five years of dating.  Executive producer Steve Molaro announced the news on the […]

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Spousal Arousal 11-19-15

He’s into Anime; she is definitely in control of the relationship here, and he definitely has no idea of what’s going on. She just wants some sushi for dinner.

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Found Sound 11-19-15

Caitlyn Jenner on her children’s fame, and airline pilots bored on the tarmac, it’s Found Sound. __ Caitlyn Jenner has said that her children aren’t just famous for being famous, they’re actually famous for doing […]

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Holiday Dangers

Allstate released a nice info graphic going through all the common Dos and Don’ts of typical holiday events. Included are some dangerous things people admit to doing, like leaving candles burning when leaving the house, […]

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Group Therapy 11-18-15

The email we received, “I am all for decorating for the holidays. My neighbor has had the same pumpkin on his porch for almost 2 months. It’s completely rotten and it looks terrible. I’ve often […]

NOW 100.5–11/18/2015

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