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Courthouse 1/23/15

Whatcha doin’ at the Courthouse?? Every Friday morning at 7:25, intern Sarah heads to the courthouse and asks…Why were you there?! This week, hear what happened to this guy who laughed off a field sobriety […]

NOW 100.5–01/23/2015

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Reality TV Just Hit A New Extreme

We have some extreme reality shows out there: Dating Naked, Married At First Sight, and now… Sex Box!! This new show coming to WE TV is exactly what it sounds like. People reports that the […]

NOW 100.5–01/23/2015

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Auburn Teacher Makes Student Strip In Class

This is so wrong!! According to The Auburn Journal, a teacher made her male student strip in class after accusing him of stealing homework passes. The student, Santiago Nolasco, is only 10 years old!! The […]

NOW 100.5–01/23/2015

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PICS: Woman Loses 110 LBS To Improve Her Selfie Game

This woman has pulled off an impressive weight loss, but you’ll never believe her reasoning!! According to Cosmopolitan, she lost 110 pounds so she could look better in selfies!!! The woman is a 35-year-old mother […]

NOW 100.5–01/23/2015

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Freaky Fact Or Fiction: Stockton Robber Shoots Himself During Heist

This is a local Freaky Fact Or Fiction, but is it true?? Did a Stockton man really shoot HIMSELF during a robbery?? Talk about a fail!! Hear the story below:

NOW 100.5–01/23/2015


Sacramento One Of The Healthiest Cities In America

Where does Sacramento fall on the spectrum of healthy cities?? We’re actually doing pretty well!! found the 50 healthiest cities in America, and Sacramento is #13!! The rankings take into account AFI score, health […]

NOW 100.5–01/22/2015

bed bugs

Sacramento Ranks On Worst Bed Bugs List

Yikes!! PCT has released the Bed Bug Cities list, and Sacramento’s on there!! Sac has moved into the 27th place on the top 50 list. Are you scratching yet?? We got an expert to come […]

NOW 100.5–01/22/2015

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$300K Self Destructing Book

This could be the most exciting AND expensive book out there!! This self destructing book, written by James Patterson, is worth $294,038! According to Buzzfeed, the book “Private Vegas” self destructs after 24 hours!! Advertised […]

NOW 100.5–01/22/2015


Spousal Arousal – 1/22/15

Every Thursday at 7:25 a.m., we all listen in as a dude or dudette attempts to coax their significant other to blow off their busy workday and meet them for a nooner! If they pull […]

NOW 100.5–01/22/2015


Group Therapy – 1/12/15

Need some advice?? We’ve got you covered!! Every Wednesday morning at 7:10 we get together with NOW listeners and try our best to answer your problems!! In this Group Therapy, a one night stand turned […]

NOW 100.5–01/21/2015

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25 Worst Passwords: Is Yours On The List??

Hopefully by now, you’ve got a secure password on all your accounts. Cosmopolitan has the list of the 25 Most Guessed Passwords of 2014, and if yours is on here you need to change it […]

NOW 100.5–01/21/2015

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Freaky Fact Or Fiction: Teen Fakes OB/GYN??

Freaky Fact Or Fiction: Did a teenager really get away with this?? A Florida teenager may have successfully pretend to be an OB/GYN for a whole month?! It’s a real-life Catch Me If You Can!! […]

NOW 100.5–01/21/2015

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‘American Sniper’ Fake Baby Controversy

American Sniper is causing a lot of controversy, and part of it is for the use of a fake mechanical baby. The Huffington Post reports that the doll used was described by viewers and publications […]

NOW 100.5–01/20/2015


Celebrity Voices Not Impersonated

It’s “Celebrity Voices Not Impersonated!” Tune in Tuesday mornings at 7:25 am to hear your favorite celebrities call unsuspecting NOW listeners. In this viral video edition, we play Monster Truck clips for our listeners! Check […]

NOW 100.5–01/20/2015

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Justin Bieber To Be ‘Roasted’

Remember when Comedy Central had their Roast of James Franco?? Well, Rolling Stone reports that Justin Bieber is following in his footsteps!! A source at Comedy Central says “Justin has been asking us for years […]

NOW 100.5–01/20/2015

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Mother Dies Hours After Giving Birth To ‘Miracle Quadruplets’

This is so sad. Erica Morales and husband Carlos had been trying to conceive for years, and then Erica became pregnant with quadruplets. Cosmopolitan reports that one month before delivery, Erica checked into the hospital […]

NOW 100.5–01/20/2015

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Cameraman Knocks Out Tiger Woods’ Tooth

Karma?? Tiger Woods was surprising girlfriend Lindsey Vonn in Italy over the weekend, but he got a surprise of his own!! According to USA Today, a cameraman turned and hit Tiger in the face, knocking […]

NOW 100.5–01/20/2015

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Dutch Bros. Benefit Going On Today

If you haven’t gotten your morning coffee yet, go to Dutch Bros!! Rocklin and Roseville Today reports that all of their proceeds from today, January 19th, go to benefit the families of Matt Azar, Kendra […]

NOW 100.5–01/19/2015

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VIDEO: Dad Pranks Wife, Converts House Into Playground

What would you do if you came home to THIS??? Roman Atwood, a dad/professional prankster, managed to prank his wife in an EPIC way. According to People, while Atwood’s wife was at work he converted […]

NOW 100.5–01/19/2015


Loser Line – 1/19/15

Every Monday morning at 7:25 it’s the Loser Line!! Here’s how it works: if you meet a creep and don’t want to give out your number, give him mine!! We replay all the messages on […]

NOW 100.5–01/19/2015


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