Wife Writes Husband Of 50 Years A Book To Help Him Remember Through His Alzheimer'sThis is like a real life version of "The Notebook"
Just Smelling Wine Could Help Prevent Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson'sRaise your glass to this news! Researchers found that even just smelling wine could have health benefits and be good for your brain. See what the study found...
Join NOW 100.5 On The Walk To End Alzheimer's!Join the NOW Entourage at the Alzheimer's Walk!
Jobs That Require Complex Thinking Prevents Alzheimer'sResearchers have discovered a link between an increased risk of Alzheimer's Disease in people with less complex jobs and a lack of social interaction.
Listen to Ed Sheeran Sing About Losing His Grandpa to Alzheimer's in 'Afire Love'Ed Sheeran's already tugged at the heartstrings a bit this spring with "All of the Stars," his somber contribution to The Fault in Our Stars and its All-Star soundtrack.
Seth Rogen Testifies Before Senate Subcommittee

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