Kate Hudson Getting Hate For Saying C-Section Was 'Lazy'Kate Hudson just got a whole internet-full of hate for a comment she made about caesarean sections, calling them "lazy."
Caesarean Sections Are Changing Human EvolutionA doctor has a theory as to why caesarean sections are becoming more common, and it has to do with human evolution.
Fit Mom's Abs Cause Child Birth ComplicationsPersonal trainer and "fit mom" Chontel Duncan's abs actually prevented an easy birth process for her son, Jeremiah.
A Mom Recorded Herself Getting A Cesarean Section And Giving Birth [VIDEO]While this mom was giving birth, (via a cesarean section), she pulled out her phone and recorded the whole thing to show what it looks like from "a mother's perspective." See the video...
After Mom Deer Was Hit By A Car, This Man Did A C-Section To Save Her Baby! [VIDEO]A man driving on the highway spotted an injured deer that had been hit by a car on the side of the road and saved her baby's life! See the heartwarming video of the fawn...
Doctor Gets Busted For 'Sexting' During Operations, Not To Mention Lewd Selfies
Kendra Wilkinson Welcomes Baby Girl!
Octomom's C-Section Scars!

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