Teen Driver Records Fatal Car Accident With Instagram LivestreamThis is yet another tragic example of why shouldn't use a phone while driving...
Watch: Deceased Man's 'America's Got Talent' Audition Airs"America's Got Talent" has aired the audition of a contestant who died in a car accident last month.
Woman Says She Crashed Her Car Because She Saw BigfootA woman is blaming her car crash on Bigfoot!
The Death Of These Teens Was Caught On Facebook Live!A video from Facebook Live is now helping solve a car accident investigation!
Watch Selena Gomez Drive Over A Fence! [VIDEO]Reversing your car can be tricky - and Selena Gomez found that out the hard way when she took out a fence! See the video...
Calvin Harris Injured In Car Crash!DJ Calvin Harris suffered minor injuries in a car accident in Los Angeles Friday. The person responsible for the crash was a 16 year old girl who now has a pretty epic story to tell...
83-Year-Old Woman Finds Truck On Her Rooftop
How Does Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Pay For A Traffic Accident?
Ryan Reynolds Hit By A Car!
92-Year-Old Man Crashes Minivan Into 10 Cars!
Caught On Film: Woman Runs Red Light, Rams Into Car
Kylie & Kris Jenner Get Sued!

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