Ben Stiller's New Sacramento Based Movie, Mark S. Allen RelatesMark S. Allen talked with Ben Stiller about his new movie, based in Sacramento, and how Mark is sort of going through a similar life story.
Zac Efron Joins Mark S. Allen, Talks Baywatch Memorable SceneZac Efron was on this morning with Mark S. Allen talking Baywatch, and one of the scenes that's sure to haunt Zac for the rest of time.
Chris Pratt Joins Mark S. Allen To Talk Guardians Of The GalaxyChris Pratt was caught a little off-guard when we had a "random listener" ask him a question about the biggest influence in his life.
Keegan Michael-Key And Zoey Deutch Talk To Mark S. AllenMark S. Allen had the opportunity to sit down with Keegan Michael-Key And Zoey Deutch from "Why Him?" for a brief history lesson.
Mark S. Allen Speaks With Bryan Cranston And James FrancoBryan Cranston and James Franco from the new Christmas movie "Why Him?" were in studio to talk with Mark S. Allen.
A Chat With Jennifer Lawrence And Chris PrattMark S. Allen spoke with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence about their new movie, and about how relatable and realistic to life some of the scenes in the movie are.

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