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Taylor Swift Launches Her Own Clothing Line!

China may not be backing up Maroon 5 right now, but they seem to be huge fans of Taylor Swift because that is where she is launching her very own clothing line! According to E! […]


Maroon 5

China Cancels Maroon 5 Over This Tweet!

China doesn’t play when it comes to what fits into the belief system and what does not.  Maroon 5 learned this the hard way after two upcoming concerts in Beijing and Shanghai were canceled. According […]

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Katy Perry attends the Elle Style Awards 2014 at one Embankment on February 18, 2014 in London, England.

Katy Perry’s Outfit Causes Controversy Overseas

It seemed like it was an accidental fashion faux pas when Katy Perry showed up on stage in Taipei, Taiwan, dressed in a dress adorned with large sunflowers and a Taiwan flag around her neck […]

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Woman Has 100,000 Cockroaches – Says They Are Her Family

Most people hate cockroaches and would do just about anything to keep them out of their homes. But that is not the case for one woman. The South China Morning Post is reporting that Yuan Meixia […]

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Man Shops To Death

This story is just the saddest thing!  One man was shopping with his girlfriend for 5 hours when she decided she wanted to take another lap around the shoe store and he had it!!!!  He […]

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LeBron James Has 24/7 DJ In China

What!?!?!  We’ve all heard of ballers having personal chefs, personal trainers, etc…but never a personal DJ?!?!?  How awesome is that!  LeBron James is in China right now and has his own personal DJ in his […]

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Be Careful Next Time You Have Sex Against A Window

This story is actually pretty sad.  A couple in China was getting it on up against a window and plummeted to their death because the glass broke.  YIKES!!!  It’s always been a fantasy of mine […]

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David Beckham Visits China - Day 5

Fans Mob David Beckham In Shanghai [VIDEO]

Thousands of fans went crazy when David Beckham showed up at a university in Shanghai. See the crazy video + pics…

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Giant Pandas Tian Tian And Yang Guang Ahead Of The 2013 Breeding Season

The Backstreet Boys And Pandas CUTENESS!!!!

This might be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!  Kind of….but the pandas!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to hold one!  While the Backstreet Boys were in China the fellas got play with cuddly little friends. […]

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ATAS Evening With 'Ugly Betty' - Arrivals

Man Sues Wife For Being Ugly!!!

A man in China sued his wife for being too ugly and WON!!!!  WHAT THE…!?!?!  Apparently, his wife had plastic surgery before they met to make her more “beautiful”.  He fell madly in love with […]

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Theme Park Gives Discounts For Short Skirts

Do you think this skirt is shorter then 38 centimeters?  If it is then it would definitely get you into a theme park in China at a discounted price.  Discounted price?  That’s it?  If you’re […]