Woman Shocked By Date's Random Demand!
Group Therapy 09-16-15
Spousal Arousal 07-16-15
Spousal Arousal 06-25-15
Promposal Goes Horribly Wrong
Freaky Fact Or Fiction? Man Mistakenly Buries His Date Alive
Katy Perry Dating Riff Raff
Group Therapy: Is It Ok To Date My Ex-Wife's Sister?
Heather Locklear Talks About Her Date With Tom Cruise [VIDEO]Did you know that Heather Locklear went on a date with Tom Cruise back in the day? He told Chelsea Handler all about it on Tuesday night. Check out the video...
Andy Grammer Takes The Stage on "The Bachelorette"
Whatcha Doin At The Courthouse? 6-3-13
Joe Jonas Surprises Girl Who Asked Him To Formal [VIDEO]A young lady made a video asking Joe Jonas to be her date for her college formal and not only did he make a video replying to her, he surprise her on live t.v.! See the videos....
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