Great Whites Filmed By Drone Swimming VERY Close To Swimmers, Boaters [VIDEO]Before you go to the beach this holiday-weekend, check out this insane done footage from of Great White sharks swimming incredibly close to unsuspecting people having fun in the water...
Killer Whales Harassing A Grey Whale In Monterey Bay Filmed by Drone [VIDEO]A drone filmed a crazy video of a Killer Whale family harassing a huge Grey Whale in Monterey Bay. Check out the video...
Drones To Help Wal-Mart Shoppers?Wal-Mart was just granted a patent for an in-store drone product-delivery method, and they're working fast to compete with Amazon.
Mike Rowe Victim Of Drone Privacy ConcernsDirty Jobs star and San Francisco resident Mike Rowe woke up to the sound of a drone hovering outside of his bedroom window, and told the story in very typical Mike Rowe fashion.
Camera Drone Found In Folsom Lake

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