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'Angel' Cloud Appears In The Sky [VIDEO]A man was shocked when he looked into the sky a saw a single cloud that looked like an angel. See the video...
Shannen Doherty Posts Inspiring Video Of Her Exercising After Chemo [WATCH]Shannen Doherty, who's currently battling cancer, posted an inspiring video of her working out to her Facebook page after having chemo!
Daughter Sues Parents For Posting Her Childhood Pics On FacebookAn 18-year-old woman is suing her parents for posting pictures of her as a child on their Facebook pages! And her attorney thinks she has a good chance of winning in court!
What Ever Happened To That Friend Request?We all send friend requests on Facebook, but not all of them are accepted. This page will let you know who's pending.
Top 10 Apps You Need To Delete Now!Delete these now!
New Facebook Hacks You NEED To Know!Have you tried these new Facebook features!?
Facebook Has A New Feature!Would you enjoy this new Facebook feature, or do you think it's kind of creepy?
Are Your Facebook Friends Stealing Money From You?!Watch out for your Facebook friends!
Busted Calling In SickCall in sick, and get busted out partying. Social media, how truthful it is.
See The Pic A Woman Posted Of Herself Giving Birth That Facebook Took Down! [PIC]This woman posted a pic of herself giving birth and somebody reported it - so Facebook took it down! See the pic. Is it offensive to you?
Point Blank Reasons To Delete People On FacebookWe all question whether or not we should delete someone on Facebook. Whether there's just too much drama, nonsense posts, or uneducated political views, some people just twist the arm of us sane people with their annoying habits.
Better Than A 'Dislike' ButtonFacebook rolled out a new feature last night, at least that's when we saw it here, who knows if it's something that everyone got all at once.

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