Flashback Friday


Flashing Back To Find Nemo

Finding Nemo swims back into theaters, signalling Pixar and Disney deciding they need to squeeze more money out of the 2003 masterpiece.  Ok, I’ll admit. I’m going to see it (again).  Had a chance to […]

NOW 100.5–09/14/2012


Scottish Pop Flashback Friday!

BRAVE, Disney/Pixar’s new moneymaker is now playing, and making gazillions of dollars; and since it’s set in old world Scotland, I thought we’d go old school Scottish pop for this FRIDAY FLASHBACK!!! If NOW existed […]

NOW 100.5–06/22/2012


Flashback Every 5 Years For Five Year Engagement

Ready to get your flashback on?  The movie FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT with Jason Segal is the must see date movie, so lets look back to the #1 songs…every 5 years, starting with 5 years ago: […]

NOW 100.5–04/27/2012


Take “A Walk To Remember” From “Message In A Bottle” To “The Lucky One”

So with Nicolas Sparks’ new movie “The Lucky One” and Zac Efron headed to the Big Screen… Let’s Flash Back to the begining of my pal, Bela Vista Grad Nic Sparks career as it relates […]

NOW 100.5–04/20/2012


Flashback Friday With Mark S. Allen!

Are you ready to go back to Titanic? Or have you gone back to Titanic, now that it’s in 3d?   Then lets also journey back to that fateful day in music, November 1, 1997; […]

NOW 100.5–04/13/2012