'Friends' Fan Surprises Girlfriend By Recreating Chandler's Proposal To Monica At FriendsFest [PICS]This is the best proposal ever.
Matt LeBlanc Turned Down A Role On 'Modern Family'Matt LeBlanc as Phil Dunphy? Can you see it?
Jerry Seinfeld Doesn't Recognize Kesha, Shoots Her Down For A Hug [VIDEO]Wait so you're telling me Jerry Seinfeld isn't a Kesha fan? Weird. LOL
Matthew Perry Refuses To Do A 'Friends' RevivalWe're still hoping he changes his mind!
Matthew Perry Revealed Which 'Friends' Storyline He Nixed [VIDEO]Matthew Perry didn't want this storyline to happen so he did something about it.
'Friends' Is Being Turned Into A MusicalThis is a dream come true. I HAVE to see this.
The Harsh Truth Is Your Facebook Friends Don't Really Care About You At AllHow many Facebook friends do you have?
Kendall Jenner And Paris Jackson Are Now Friends [PICS]Cute! Kendall Jenner and Paris Jackson hang out now!
Ed Sheeran Says Hooking Up With Taylor Swift's Famous Friends Was "Very Easy"Ed Sheeran admitted to Rolling Stone recently he use to hook up with Taylor Swift's famous friends! Not only that, he said it was "very easy!"
Does Jennifer Aniston Watch 'Friends' Reruns Like The Rest Of Us?We all watch reruns of 'Friends' but does Rachel Green (aka Jennifer Aniston) ever watch them, too? She sure does. Listen to what she had to say about it...
24 Things Only Your BFF Will KnowDoes your BFF pass the test?
'Friends' of 'The Big Bang Theory' See The Photo!!This is pretty epic; the cast of Friends are seldom seen all together these days...

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