Principal Tells Students Leggings Are Only For Size 0 And 2South Carolina principal under fire for body shaming students.
High School Won't Let Girl Who Has Been Battling Cancer Walk At GraduationMeredith is a high school senior who's school told her she can't walk with her class because she's 6 credits short. Guess why she's short? She's been battling Cancer for 4 years.
105-Year-Old Woman Graduates High SchoolA 105-year-old woman said her only regret in life was not finishing high school - NOW she doesn't have that regret anymore.
Brawl Breaks Out At High School Graduation [Video]They just wanted the best seat in the house
Foreign Exchange Students Say American School Is EasyForeign exchange students reveal their opinions about schools in America, and they're generally easier and less demanding than their home schools.
▶️️ Ellen Sent An Entire High School Senior Class To CollegeYou have to see this video. It might Ellen's best gift to anybody, ever. She teamed up with Walmart to send an entire class of graduating high school seniors to college...
Jimmy Fallon Donates $100K to His Old High SchoolJimmy said: "If anyone there wants to return the favor with a statue of me or something, I'm totally cool with that."
This Entire High School Class Does Something Unbelievable!You'll never guess what this entire graduating class did!
Todd's Commencement Speech - 06-10-16Congratulations to the class of 2016, and here's a little "Toddy" advice for you as you embark on your journey into the future.
Group Therapy 05-04-16Everybody sees it, kids glued to their phones. It's getting so bad that parents want help figuring out how they can break their child's addiction. That's what this week's Group Therapy covers.
See Donald Trump's High School Yearbook Picture [PIC]We all know what Donald Trump looks like today, but have you seen old pics of him? See what he looked like back in high school, (and before THAT hair)!
Freaky Fact Or Fiction: Football Bounces Off Ref's Head For Extra Point

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