Mom Gives Birth To Huge 14-Pound Baby [PICS]The baby is healthy, but his mother says they had to get some bigger clothes because the baby couldn’t fit into any of his newborn outfits.
Beyoncé & Her Twins Still In Hospital Due To 'Minor Issue'Sources close to the family confirmed that doctors don't feel comfortable releasing the twins from the hospital just yet
Twelve Year Old Girl Delivers Her Own BrotherThis 12-year-old girl was there to deliver her own baby brother, under the supervision of the doctor, and did a great job.
Mom Didn't Know She Was Pregnant And Had Her Baby In A Grocery Store [VIDEO]This mom went into the grocery store for food but left with a baby. She didn't even know that she was pregnant...
Mom Says Her Huge Newborn Baby Looks Like A Toddler [PICS]A mom gave birth to a big, beautiful baby girl and said it "looked like they pulled a toddler out of my belly.” See the baby girl...
Woman Gives Birth To 16+ Pound Baby [PICS]A woman just had a son who weighed in at over 16 lbs. See what he looks like and what the biggest baby ever weighed at birth...
Woman Gave Birth After Using Drugs, Drove Around With Baby's Body In CarShe said that she feared doctors would find out she had smoked crack cocaine and used heroin the night before her daughter was born 2 ½ months premature.
He's Deployed, But Was Still In The Maternity Photo ShootThey were expecting a baby, and despite being 7,000 miles away serving the country, he was able to be in the maternity photo shoot.
Babies Coincidentally Named Romeo And Juliet Born Hours Apart [PICS]Two babies were born on the same day, coincidentally named Romeo & Juliet, and they just had their first photoshoot together.
Curious Newborn Baby Humpback Whale Peeks Out Of Water, Gives Tourist A Kiss [VIDEO]These tourists were so surprised when a newborn humpback whale peeked out of the water to get a better look at them - and then THIS happened...
📷 Hoda Kotb Adopts Little GirlHoda Kotb from 'Today' adopted a newborn little girl, and she's absolutely beaming.
Pink's Newborn Son Is An Adele Fan! (PICS)Adele Has A Little Fan!

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