Oreo To Release 'Cookie Butter' Flavor, They Just Won't Stop!Better snag up these limited released treats before they're gone!
Two New Oreo Flavors Hitting Shelves [PIC]Both of these flavors sound like heaven on earth.
Oreo Flavored M&M's Here For Halloween [PIC]I'm normally not a big candy person but I HAVE to try these.
Win Half A Million Dollars For Creating A New Oreo FlavorYou think you have a great idea for an Oreo flavor? Submit it and maybe you can win half a million!
The New Peeps Oreos Have Interesting Side EffectsOreo's newest "Peeps" flavor was released for Easter, and people are reporting some interesting side effects of the cookies.
Oreo Is Making Candy Bars NOW?Here's a cookie inspired candy bar!
This Halloween Inspired Oreo Flavor Is Making A Comeback!This Oreo flavor is making a comeback!
Oreo Debuts A New Flavor, And It's Weird [PIC]

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