Two New Oreo Flavors Hitting Shelves [PIC]Both of these flavors sound like heaven on earth.
Apple Pie Oreos Are FINALLY Available In Target Stores Nationwide!Better scoop them up now and celebrate the coming of fall!
Jelly Donut Flavored Oreos Are Coming [PICS]What's better than a cookie? A cookie that tastes like a jelly donut. See where you can buy them...
Oreo Churros May Be Coming To A Theater Near You
You Have To See This Oreo Trick Shot Video
Drunken Oreos Have Arrived
Tegan and Sara Team Up with Oreo and The Lonely IslandThe duo have just joined forces with The Lonely Island for the theme song to 'The LEGO Movie' as well as Oreo to be the voices of Oreo's Wonderfilled jingle commercial.
Owl City Sweetens Up Oreo Cookies' ‘Wonderfilled’ CampaignEven though Owl City singer Adam Young is proud of the jingle, many took to the Internet to denounce the commercial's cutesiness.
How About A 6 Layer Rainbow PRIDE Oreo?

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