Liquid Nose Jobs Are On The RiseLiquid nose jobs are becoming extremely popular, and it all has to do with selfies.
Woman Had Plastic Surgery To Hide From Her Creditors And $3+Million Debt [PICS]This lady didn't want to be found by the creditors that she owed over $3 million to, so she got plastic surgery and tried to hide from them. *Spoiler Alert* She got caught...
People Spending Thousands Of Dollars For Temporary DimplesMillennials are requesting dimple cosmetic surgery that actually give them, rather than remove, dimples.
People Are Really Getting Cosmetic Nipple Surgery?A plastic surgeon says that cosmetic surgery for nipples is on the rise by a significant amount, driven by the see-through top trend.
Millennials Want Cosmetic Surgery Instead Of Graduation GiftsNew graduates are now getting cosmetic surgery instead of more "traditional" graduation gifts.
See Jada Pinkett-Smith's New Plastic Surgery [PICS]We all know how Jada Pinkett-Smith used to look, but have you seen her NOW?
See Kim Zolciak's New Plastic Surgery. Can You Still Recognizer Her? [PICS]Kim Zolciak reportedly just signed to be back on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Check out what she looks now...
Guy Spends $80K On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Britney Spears [VIDEO]He spent $80,000 on plastic surgery to look like his idol Britney Spears. See pics of what he looks like NOW...
Here's What Melania Trump Looked Like BEFORE Plastic Surgery [PICS]We all know how First Lady Melania Trump looks NOW but what did she look like before? See pics...
Botox Is Just As Addicting As DrugsNew research says that the popular cosmetic use of botox can be just as addicting as hard drugs.
See Caitlyn Jenner's New Plastic Surgery [BEFORE AND AFTER PICS]Word is that Caitlyn got a new face lift and people are being pretty rude about her new "look." See pics...
NeNe Leakes New Plastic Surgery [BEFORE AND AFTER PICS]NeNe Leakes is a huge reality TV star but have you seen her after latest plastic surgery? Can you even recognize her anymore?

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