Explore Other Planets On Google Maps [PIC]Google Maps is now including closeups of some of the planets in our solar system, including Mercury, Mars, and Venus!
House-Sized Asteroid Passing By Earth Today, No Big DealThere's an asteroid passing seriously close to Earth tonight, but there's no need to panic.
Guess How Much You Weigh On Other PlanetsYou probably know how much you weigh here on Earth, but now find out how much you weigh on other planets in our solar system!
SpaceX Is Sending 2 People To The Moon Next YearSpaceX is sending two private citizens to the moon next year! Yes, THE MOON.
NASA Is Paying Volunteers $18,000 To Lie In Bed For 70 DaysIn regard to the body, being in space is apparently like lying in bed.
Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Wants You to Go to MarsSPOILER ALERT: The trip to Mars Aldrin is advocating is one way.
Ashton Kutcher Is Going Into Outer Space!

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