Ceiling Tile Drops On Student's Head, People Are Mad But For A Different Reason"You're paralyzed, partially blind, and deaf from the noise. Say it with me."
Sac State Student Saves Choking Man While Waiting For Paramedic Internship InterviewNeedless to say, he got the internship.
College Student Suspended For Grading, Tweeting Apology Letter From ExThe university said the tweet violated the rules of bullying but Nick Lutz is arguing that they've violated his right to free speech.
This Brave Student Came Out... To The President!When it comes to "coming out" stories, they tend to be emotional and difficult. But this young student took coming out to a whole new level by coming out to the President of the United States in front of the world!
6 Dorm Meals You Can Make In a Microwave
Teacher Suspended After Profane Tirade
Teacher Shows Up At Student's House; Dad Hits Him With Baseball Bat
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Teacher Suspended For Grabbing Kindergartner By Throat
Why You Shouldn’t Fall Asleep In Class! [VIDEO]This video is hilarious! It shows a kid who fell asleep in the front row of his Physics class and his teacher gives him quite a wake up call!
High School Teacher Caught Making Out With Student
Girl Yawns In Class And Dislocates Her Jaw! [VIDEO]
[VIDEO] Teacher Tapes Students Mouth Shut!

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