Man Get Homer Simpon's Face Tattooed On His Arm 52 Times [PIC]I'm sure there are a lot of Homer Simpson fans out there that would really appreciate this.
Tom Hardy Lost A Bet To Leonardo DiCaprio, And NOW He Has To Get A New Tattoo!Don't make bets with Leonardo Di Caprio!
Did Kendall Jenner Just Switch Professions?Would you get a tattoo by Kendall?
Company Making Tattoo Ink That Disappears After A Year!The only way to get rid of a tattoo is to get more ink and cover it up or to go through the painful (and expensive) process of having it removed - until NOW! See how this new ink works...
Study Shows Women With Tattoos Have Higher Self EsteemTexas Tech University sociology professor Jerome Koch has been studying body art for a long time, but not in the way you might think. According to Science Daily, Koch is discovering that while many outsiders perceive tattoos as unflattering marks of rebellion, those with tattoos usually see them as marks of strength and empowerment.
Cara Delevingne Shows Off Chinese-Inspired Sleeve Tattoos
Ariana Grande's New Tattoo [Pics]
Demi Lovato Fixes 'Vagina' Tattoo
Man Gets Fired After Getting A Tattoo For His Girlfriend
Parents Get Tattoos To Match Their Daughter's Birthmark
New Cream 'Melts Away' Tattoos Without Pain
Would You Get Tattoos Of Your Instagrams Photos?

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